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If we take just a fraction of the energy & talent we collectively devote to getting people to click on ads, and invest it in solving the world’s most important problems we would make huge leaps forward. Look what has been achieved with the covid-19 vaccine – it’s incredible”

This is such an accurate, simple reflection on our world. Sygensys has been set up with the aims to make electricity grids more stable. Allowing greater use of renewable generation and support new demand for electricity from EV charging .

Yes we aim to make a profit in the process but are guided by to goal of providing reliable cost effective supply of electricity for all. That includes sub-Saharan Africa and blackout prone California, the home of tech based advertisers.

“Around a billion people today rely on health facilities without electricity supply.”

“What caused California‚Äôs rolling blackouts? Climate change and poor planning”

This is a problem that can be solved for the benefit of humanity. Coordination from the UN and activities from charities such as Power for All will help, but so will actions from business and individuals.

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The lightbulb moment that lead to a new business

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Almost serving cold pasta bake to my partner.

I came home for work one evening after a wet and windy day. After unlocking the door I turned the lights on. I took a pasta bake from the fridge and put it in the oven. Checking the time on the clock on the oven, I saw it was time for the TV news.

20 minutes later my partner arrived home and I went to take the pasta bake out of the oven, but it was still cold. The fan in the oven was running, but there was no significant heat. Being an engineer I thought that the fan or thermostat must have failed. Being English I put the electric kettle on to make some tea and try to work out how I could heat the pasta. 10 minutes later the water had not boiled!

My next thought was to check the breakers in the fuse box. I went in to the utility room to check. Flicking the switch on the lights did not work. I found a torch and could see all the breakers were in the correct position.

After a little head scratching, I decided it was time for a multimeter. I checked the supply voltage and it was around 125 v not the expected 240 v. Thanks to my local electricity distribution operator SSEN , after a quick call power was restored. They said the storm earlier in the day had broken one of the three phases to a local transformer that fed my house.

My post incident investigation provided insight into the effects I had seen. The TV and LED bulb in the kitchen were universal input mains design and the bulb in the utility room was designed 230 v, but did not work at 125v.

This incident made me reflect on how modern electronic devices respond to electricity supply quality and following on, what impact devices have on electricity grids. Out of this, Sygensys was formed.

Andrew Larkins Founder and CEO Sygensys

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