Energy smart appliances

smart Apliances

The British Standards Institute (BSI) are consulting on PAS 1879:2021 Energy smart appliances (ESA) – Demand side response operation (DSR)– Code of practice

This sets out a common definition of demand side response (DSR) services for organisations operating within the consumer energy supply chain. With recommendations to support the operation of energy smart appliances.

  • Customers will benefit from reduced bills, if they choose energy smart appliances.
  • This will give electricity grid operators another tool in balancing supply and demand.
  • It helps them maintain reliable grid operation while minimising the need for grid infrastructure investment.
  • Manufacturers will benefit from a common standard allowing interoperability.
  • Data privacy and cyber security issues are addressed

Sygensys will be providing feedback to this consultation to help improve the code of practice. We see this as setting a for global standards in this field.

If you are interested in joining a demonstrator project for this future standard please contact us.