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Senior Systems Engineer – MATLAB/Simulink


We have collaborated on multiple projects with both academic (over 10+ universities) and industrial organisations such as the University of Bristol and National Grid. If you find the areas of interest we are keen to collaborate with both academic and industrial organisations in the UK and internationally, please do get in touch with us.

Project: SPRINT – Threats to GNSS timing used by the power grid

Sygensys is delighted to have collaborated with the University of Bristol and Riskaware on this project. The project was funded by SPRINT.  We hope that this will lead to a longer-term research collaboration with Sygensys.

The project outcome was to determine the impacts of extreme space weather events and cyber security threats to GNSS timing used by the power grid and the probability of this occurring.

The researchers part of this project were Professor Karen Aplin, Professor Lucy Berthoud, Mr Tom Etchells, Mr Oliver Pike, Miss Ariana Kalavana from The University of Bristol and Simon Agass, Helen Adams from RiskAware.

Project: Achieving net zero with hybrid power systems

Sygensys is delighted that Dr Matthew Deakin, has been selected to receive The Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship with £625,000 funding for a project entitled Achieving net zero with hybrid power systems in collaboration with Sygensys.

In this project, we aim to address the question “How can Hybrid AC/DC technologies enable efficient operation of low-inertia power systems that are based on variable renewable energy technologies?”

We look forward to working with Matt and building a deeper relationship with EPSRC Supergen Energy Network Hub, Newcastle University.

Project: Control methods for reliable sensing information in interconnected energy systems

Sygensys is delighted to be working with Dr. Francesca Boem at University College London on a research project in collaboration with Imperial College London and the University of Cyprus.

The goal of this project is to design novel methods to monitor the reliability of sensing information, including sensors anomaly detection and localisation, and new control architectures resilient to possibly unreliable sensing information, specifically for interconnected IoT scenarios such as electric vehicle charging, demand, and, energy management in microgrids and smart buildings.

This project is supported with £377,537 funding from EPSRC.

Project: Industrial Placements with the Centre for Postdoctoral Development in Infrastructure Cities and Energy (C-DICE)

Sygensys is delighted to have collaborated with two postdoctoral researchers during short-term placement.  These have been supported through C-Dice We hope that will lead to a longer-term research collaboration with Sygensys.

Dr. Laiz Souto at the University of Bristol was working on an Industrial Research Placement in Electricity Grid Stability with Sygensys.

Jude Ejeh at the University of Sheffield was working on a Placement Modelling the financial benefit of Electric vehicles and Vehicle to Grid charging.